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Al Barka has been providing excellent courier services since its establishment. The image we could create, through trusted, affordable, and dependable courier services is what defines Al Barka as the best courier company in Downtown Jebel Ali.




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We are at your service for delivering anything, anytime, anywhere. Becoming the top courier company in UAE hasn’t been easy. Our meticulous service and dedication made us what we are today.











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muhammed ali
Mohammed Ali
Dubai, UAE

I am extremely satisfied with the services provided by Al Barka. Their delivery and courier services are very reliable, and they always deliver my items on time. Their e-commerce services are especially great - I can order products and have them delivered on time

Althaf Muhammed
Dubai, UAE

In one word, it was excellent.- I recently used the Al Barka courier service, and it was excellent. The packing technique used was very impressive. I would rate them 10 out of 10 and have recommended their service to my friends. They, too, have been equally satisfied. I cannot speak highly enough of this service and would definitely use it again.

Rohan George
Ajman, UAE

I recently used Al Barka's courier services and I am extremely impressed. Their delivery process is very efficient and my package arrived on time, which is something I greatly appreciate. Their e-commerce services are also exceptional - I ordered a product and it was delivered to me on the same day. The real-time tracking system that they have in place is a huge plus, as it allows me to monitor the status of my shipment at all times.

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Al Barka is a trusted courier company providing comprehensive delivery and courier services in Abu Dhabi and other emirates in the UAE. They offer various delivery options including store-to-door, e-commerce, and courier services with advanced shipment tracking and real-time customer support. With their dedicated team and state-of-the-art technology, Al Barka is committed to delivering reliable and cost-effective services to their clients.

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The courier company in International City that has been assigned with the task should compensate for the loss. At the same time, it is best to choose a reliable courier company for shipping items. Rather than going to a random delivery company.

With the availability of advanced digital systems, it is definitely possible to track the shipment. Choosing a courier company in International City, equipped with advanced digital technology, would be ideal for this.

The shipping charges for international shipments would depend on the type of item, the weight, the dimensions, and the distance to the destination. Even then, different courier companies in International City charge differently. Pick an affordable delivery company in International City.

It is definitely okay to courier a fragile item. Nevertheless, pick the right courier company for couriering the item. Furthermore, the item details have to be shared with the delivery company. Appropriate markings must be made on the package, to ensure that all those handling it on the way will be aware of the item inside.

Check out the reputation of the courier company in International City through referrals, online reviews and ratings. Handpick a few based on their image. One-to-one discussions with each firm would help in choosing the best courier service in International City.

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