6 Steps to Ensure Safe Delivery with Courier Services in UAE

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The safety of sending parcels through a courier service is the most important . Even when the courier service in UAE entrusts the safety of the parcel to the courier service, as someone who sends the parcel, it is necessary to take the right measures to ensure that the package will be delivered safely to the destination. Here are some of the precautions that you can take.

Choose the courier service that you can trust.

There are many options and choices that come to mind when thinking of courier service in UAE. Choosing the right delivery partner can ensure that the parcel will be delivered safely and promptly. Checking through Read reviews, ratings and other testimonials is the best way to understand how long they have been in business and how well they have been dealing with customers. The ranking of the package delivery service in UAE on Google is not an indication of the quality of the work. Do your research in the best possible way to ensure the safety of the parcel. 

Consider personal delivery

If the parcel is something very important, such as artefacts or substances that are susceptible to breakage or wear out if carried along with other packages, then you can have the option of sending the package personally in a vehicle alone. Such personal delivery will make certain that the parcel is devoid of risks and that the delivery will be quick and personal. 

Look for live tracking

With the advancement of technology, every delivery service in UAE now provides tracking of order IDs, which can help in making a note of the movement of the parcel. If the courier service that you choose doesn’t give you the facility of real-time movement of your package, then it will not be an ideal decision to send it through them. Always choose a delivery service in UAE that has real time monitoring of the parcel. It can help you estimate the right time for delivery.

Be open with delivery specifics

You need to tell your delivery partner clearly what is in the parcel. Only when you are clear on the parcel's specifics can they take the needed care to protect your parcel from damage. If the parcel is inflammable or dangerous, then that needs to be clearly stated to the courier partner. Temperature control, additional cushioning, and additional safety measures are taken to secure the safe delivery of the products.

Package it safely

Most courier services in UAE do pack the products before transporting them, but that packaging does not necessarily need to be sturdy. So, if the parcel has the chance of breaking, then use bubble wrap and good cardboard boxes for packing the things. Bubble wrapping is the best way to protect delicate items. If there are more than one, use tight and wedge packaging to make sure that they stay intact. 

Contact insured company

The courier service in UAE that you are choosing should definitely have a tie up with an insurance company. Irrespective of whether you're sending documents or valuable items, the option to insure the parcel needs to be there. This is not to ensure the safety of the package but to make sure that, as the sender, you will be covered in the event of any damage or loss to the package. Peace of mind is ensured while choosing the courier service provider.

All the points have to be kept in mind while focusing on the package when it is sent out to the courier service. Making sure that these are followed is the responsibility of the sender, and you have to make sure that those points are done with. 

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