6 Safety Advice For Couriering Important Documents

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If you are planning to send documents from one place to another in UAE, the first thing that crosses your mind would be couriering them. When it comes to sending or receiving important documents, most people rely on a package delivery service in UAE for their convenience. Imagine if someone who lives far away asks you to send them some of their documents; you can't deliver them in person. In such cases, the most practical and safest way is to courier the documents. Hence, it is important to choose a reliable courier service provider with proven experience in handling documents. You should also understand that there are risks involved in sending documents from one place to another. Therefore, you must carefully choose a courier service in UAE that will ensure the safe delivery of the document. 

Before you entrust your important documents with a courier company, there are some safety advisories for couriering documents.


Secure Packaging: 

Before sending your documents via a courier service, make sure to securely package them to protect their confidentiality. Use tamper-proof bags to seal your documents that do not give access to third parties. Tamper-proof bags ensure that your documents cannot be easily opened, restricting any ill intentions. If anyone attempts to tamper with your documents, it will be evident due to the advanced protection feature of such bags.

Choose a reputed courier service: 

To ensure the safety of your documents, choose only a reliable package delivery service in UAE with several years of industry experience. Check their credibility and reputation before you send documents through them. It is also advisable to seek the opinions of others who have used the service for couriering documents. Choosing a reliable and reputable courier service ensures the safety of your documents as well as timely delivery.

Don't send signed cheques: 

Sending cheques via courier is a risky business. Even if you want to send someone a cheque, make sure that they are not signed. This way, you can prevent the worst-case scenario of someone stealing your cheque and cashing it. If you are planning to send a cheque, remember not to send it as an open cheque and seal it in a tamper-proof bag. In case the cheque is intended for a specific person, mention 'account payee' on it.

Use a 'do not fold' sticker:

It is absolutely necessary to use a 'do not fold' sticker to prevent damage to your documents from folding. By using a 'do not fold' sticker, you emphasize to the courier company or agent that the document should never be folded. A single crease or bend can cause serious damage to your delicate documents, and using such a sticker can prevent this. If you don't have any sticker to apply, write the words on the envelope with a marker.

Keep a digital copy:

Taking a photograph or having a soft copy of your documents can be extremely useful if you accidentally lose your documents while being shipped. Although an unlikely scenario with a reliable courier service in UAE, having a digital backup of your documents can serve as an alternative if your documents are delayed or misplaced. 

Check document types that can be shipped: 

You cannot send all document types via courier. Some courier services refuse to ship sensitive documents like passports, ATM cards, or bank passbooks. Check with your courier service company to confirm the acceptable document types and make sure to follow the packaging guidelines for each document. This way, you can ensure the safe transit of your important documents.

Reasons to use a courier service in UAE?

For sending or receiving documents, people rely on a courier service company because they specialize in delivering documents safely and securely, even on short notice. Here are some reasons why you should avail the services of a package delivery service in UAE to send important documents.

  • Speed: A courier service is the fastest option to get your documents delivered from one place to another. Most companies also offer same-day delivery services, so you don't have to worry even if you have a package that needs to be delivered urgently.
  • Reliability: Courier companies rely heavily on their reputation to succeed in their business. Since most of them operate locally, they possess a good understanding of the area and therefore offer reliable service. Even if any issues arise, they can resolve them immediately, ensuring you peace of mind.
  • Tracking: Availing a package delivery service in UAE allows you to track the status of the package in transit. When you send a package via a courier company, they provide you with a tracking ID, which you can use to track the exact status of the item being shipped.
  • Scheduled Delivery: When using a courier service provider, you gain the flexibility to schedule package delivery. You can choose the package to be delivered at your preferred time for added convenience.

Why Choose Albarka Delivery Services?

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