How to Place a Same Day Delivery in UAE in 2023

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Customers want their orders delivered more quickly in the current global market. Because of this, there is an increasing need for same-day delivery services as customers expect their purchases to be delivered as quickly as feasible. eCommerce businesses in the UAE must adjust to this trend despite obstacles like ineffective shipping procedures and subpar inventory management. As a result, it's critical that companies research efficient methods for introducing same-day delivery services in UAE in 2023.

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Secure Brand Loyalty

The same delivery is expected to be the norm in the eCommerce sector in 2023. As per some of the statistics it was found that on average online shoppers received their packages within about 5.5 days on average. It was also found that in 2019 online shoppers were receiving their packages in hand within about 2-3 days and customers sought another brand when late deliveries occurred. 

One of the major reasons why fast courier service is raging is because of the ever-evolving expectations of the customers which are mainly being put in by large-scale and prominent retailers like Amazon. Nowadays courier service companies' delivery that takes more than 7 days or longer is deemed unacceptable by customers. It is observed that brand loyalty and repeat purchases occur more frequently if there are early or on-time delivery with brands. So these days there is immense pressure on companies to find fast delivery services. 

Same-day delivery process - Steps

The steps you need to complete your order can get confusing especially with all the many ways in which an order can be processed for a service today. In the following sections, we will look at how the process of ordering works for same-day courier service in UAE.

Receive a quote

The first step towards placing a same-day delivery order is to receive a quote from the respective courier's dispatcher. Most of the dispatchers are available via phone or online, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. For making a call or requesting an online quote you will not be able to need to pay any money. All the quotes which are provided by the respective country are obligation free until you proceed to place an order with them. To get a detailed quote you will have to provide information such as the dimensions of the package, phone number, the destination location, the time frame in which you will require the package to be delivered, etc. The dispatcher will be able to give an accurate quote based on the information provided. To complete your order, if you need a callback, the customer care representative of the courier service company will be able to help you out accurately with the information you provided. 

Place the order

You will only require a few more items once you are proceeding with the quote that was given to you by your secured delivery service. The dispatchers when processing your order will require things such as any specific instructions for pickup, transport, and delivery, the name and the number of the person we will be picking up from the name and number of the person we will be dropping off, and your credit card payment information. Once your payment is processed and the additional information is noted by the dispatcher, your product/s will be immediately dispatched to you via local delivery company drivers in the pickup location area and the confirmation receipt will be emailed to you. The best courier service in UAE can help you out with all such issues. 


From pick up to drop up a good dispatching company would be careful, especially during transportation. Your package will be securely loaded off and also unloaded by the drivers of the company. The delivery drivers employed by the company are certified and handle specialized deliveries across multiple industries (including blue-collar, education, medical, legal, manufacturing, and more). The delivery drivers are recruited and trained to ensure all rules and regulations are followed and also to follow all specific shipping and handling instructions provided by the client. The couriers maintain a detailed chain of custody such as the condition of the package at pick up, the time the package was picked up, the time the package was delivered, where the item was picked up, who it was picked up from, the condition of the package at delivery (with photo upon request), and who it was delivered to (with signature upon request).

A fleet of vehicles ranging from sedans and cargo vans to box trucks with lift gates capable of transporting up to 10,000 pounds of palletized freight is ready for use 24/7 in the interest of the customers. Such a thing means the dispatcher will be able to accommodate package/s of any weight, size or shape for delivery. The real- time GPS tracking systems which are used in the vehicles help the local driver in rerouting and routing especially when there are roadblocks. Courier services in UAE are reliable and cost-effective at all times. 


Dispatch of delivery completion will be informed and other important actions such as completion of special requests, completing the chain of custody log, etc. will be carried out by the dispatchers upon delivery. One may also receive an email or call of delivery, from the company the option for review of the services will be presented to you. One can also get in touch with the delivery service company’s customer care through email or call.

Same-day delivery is becoming the standard in eCommerce, and companies need to offer fast delivery to keep customers happy. Al Barka courier service in UAE offers reliable and affordable same-day delivery with trained drivers and a fleet of vehicles. Contact us for the best delivery service in the UAE

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