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Courier Services vs Postal Services

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Courier service and postal service are two distinctive delivery options, offering similar services. Postal services are public services that come under the government. Courier service is offered by private firms, specialised in delivery. Delivery speed, accuracy, and safety are the main factors that differ both these services. Using courier service in UAE is considered by a majority of individuals, who want to deliver important documents to another place in a short time.

What is a Courier Service?

Courier services are private agencies normally that provide shipping and delivery services in UAE and other locations. They might be focussing on specific regions or special types of deliveries. Major players in the field provide both domestic and international shipping, having a widespread network.

Speed and efficiency would be the core factors of a courier service in UAE or any other region. That is where they outperform postal services. Depending on the capability of the firm and the distance to the destination, the service may offer same-day or next-day delivery.

A courier service is a company that provides shipment and delivery of legally approved packages, important documents, gifts, and other products. They would not accept or deliver narcotic products, inflammable materials (which are not permitted legally) and such other substances. The cost for delivery of the package will depend on the distance between the source and destination, the weight of the package, and its size.


What is a Postal Service?

A postal service is different from a courier service especially the way they operate and the authority who owns them. A postal service is normally owned by the government. It is a system established by the official authority for the easy and convenient shipping of mail and other items nationally and internationally. Besides common people, government departments also use the service of postal departments.

Emirates Post is the postal service in the UAE. It offers mail and delivery services from and to 192 countries around the world. There is only one postal service in the country. At the same time, there are several courier services in UAE operated by private entities.

Types of Courier Services in UAE

Observing around, you can see different types of courier and delivery services in UAE. A few of them are:

  • Local Couriers: Such courier services in UAE would be focussing on a specific region, like Dubai, or Abu Dhabi. The courier company will provide same-day delivery of the shipment. A close-knit network in the local area is the key element for this type of courier service.
  • Time-specific Delivery: The delivery services in UAE that guarantee shipment of the package in the specified timeframe come under this type. They would be offering both local and global courier services. All the leading delivery and courier services in UAE that provide time-bound delivery will have a wider presence around the world. Without this, they will not be able to fulfil customer requirements.
  • International Courier Company: International courier services in UAE can be considered the big players. They will have a strong presence worldwide, enough equipment and facilities for accomplishing the shipping activity in the promised time, advanced digital solutions for real-time tracking, and a large team of professionals handling each division. The delivery services in UAE that assure global shipping services will be handling customs documentation and related official activities as well.

Courier Services vs Postal Services – The Differences Between Them

Basically, the way of functioning, the services they offer, etc. are the same. Nonetheless, there are several differences that keep them apart.

  • Cost: The cost of sending the same parcel to the same location via postal service and courier service in UAE are different. Postal charges are cheaper than courier services normally.
  • Speed: Undoubtedly, courier and delivery services in UAE would ship and deliver the goods quicker than the postal service. Moreover, customers can ask for urgent delivery options by paying additionally, if the package has to be delivered in a limited time.
  • Safety: Courier services are safer for delivering delicate, fragile and time-sensitive products. Handling of goods in postal service might be harsh at times and may damage the item. You might have to pay extra for couriering delicate items via delivery services in UAE. But, you can be sure that it will be delivered safely.
  • Tracking: Both postal service and courier service in UAE provide tracking of the package. However, advanced courier companies render real-time tracking of the cargo. This is an essential requirement, especially when shipping goods internationally or to a distant location in the country.
  • Options: Courier services have diverse delivery options like same-day delivery, overnight delivery etc. The delivery speed can be chosen depending on the urgency. It is assured that the package will be handed over to the recipient safely, in the promised time, when you pick a trusted delivery service like Al Barka.

Why Choose Al Barka?

Al Barka is one of the most trustworthy delivery agencies in UAE with a prominent image and exceptional reputation. We have an extensive reach, with vast and widespread connectivity globally. Moreover, we have a team of professionals handling each courier activity meticulously. The features that make us the right courier service in UAE for you are:

  • Track record: We guarantee 100% foolproof delivery service. The package will be delivered to the recipient in the promised timeframe safely. Our diligently devised shipping, tracking, and delivery process helps us in ensuring this.
  • Technology: Al Barka has been using advanced digital technology for monitoring the shipment and real-time tracking. The client can also confirm the shipping status in real-time.
  • Trust: Our consistent performance is the sole reason for the trust we earned. We are proud to have met the promises made.
  • Total Expense: Affordability is another factor that keeps us ahead of other delivery companies in UAE. All the services are priced affordable.

Are you looking for a reliable courier service in UAE?

Al Barka is at your service. For any queries, call us now.

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